atg airports ltd, UK
atg airports ltd, UK

atg Airports Ltd, UK

Partner for Airfield Ground Lighting

For over 21 years, atg airports Ltd located in UK has been supporting airports with the supply of airfield ground lighting equipment’s .Their products are designed and manufactured at their factories in the United Kingdom. Their main products include, AGL control systems, constant current regulators (CCRs), airfield guidance signs, runway / taxiway lighting (LED/Halogen) and Heliport Lighting. All products are tested to the required international standards (ICAO, FAA, MOS139, CAA (CAP168)) ensuring that the product meets the international standards.

Their products and equipment are compatible with all other Air Field Lighting brands like Honeywell, ADBSafegate and many other OEMs. In India, ATG airports has integrated different makes of CCR like Safegate (Liberty), Thorn, Youyang and Nasu on existing CMS of atg at Amtisar Airport

Their AGL lights and equipment’s are installed globally in more than 103 countries. In India, their products are installed in major airports are Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata, Dehradun, Amritsar, Agartala, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Bengaluru and Goa.

tel. +44 1942 685555

RLG Docking Systems Corporation, Taiwan

Partner for A-VDGS

RLG Docking Systems Corporation is a manufacturer of Advanced Visual Docking Guidance Systems for Airports and have more than 1000 installations at various airports worldwide. RLG Docking Systems introduced the first automated guide-in system in the World in year 1969. It utilizes cutting-edge laser technology to reduce error margins and enhance ease-of-use and installation. All RLG docking systems fully comply with ICAO Annex 14 recommendations. RLG guide-in system can accommodate all aircraft types without the error factors resulting from variations in aircraft height and gross weight. The docking can be accomplished by either the pilot or the co-pilot.

Gate Operating System Software gives a detailed view of all A-VDGS docking status and allows user to observe apron condition, flight information updates, aircraft chock on/ chock off time records, docking image records, and key in parking apron information into the system.

This is the only AVDGS manufacturer to offer 3 colours in the pilot display unit as per ICAO and a touch screen operator panel which shows replica of AVDGS pilot display to the ground staff for ease of use. There is option to provide 2 operator panels in PBB as well as on the ground.

tel. +88 6905519933

FB Technology, France

Photometric testing Equipment

FB Technology has been involved in developing AGL photometric measurements for more than 20 years. They got their first Civil Aviation certification for our mobile PAC system in 1997 for controlling the AGL status of airports up to CATII/ CAT III operations in 1997.

They have since then developed additional systems such as mobile photometric testing equipment, workshop measuring equipment, PAPI angular and photometric measurement, AGL guidance signs measurements, manual torque measurement of AGL fittings, portable photometric measurement frame reader as well as light fittings cleaning system. All these equipment are compliant with ICAO, FAA, STNA standards and recommendations.

FB Technology has now 120 systems in operation all over the world from the USA, New Zealand, Singapore, Beijing, etc. In India, they have one portable system in operation in Jaipur Airport. All the photometric or cleaning systems are therefore well proven and they make them evolve constantly by driving them by the spirit of innovation and also by listening to the customers’ requirements.

tel. +33 1 6911 1111

L824 Primary and Secondary cables


Primary & Secondary AGL Cables

Unika manufactures FAA certified primary and secondary shielded and non-shielded cables for Airfield Ground Lighting confirming to FAA L824. Besides ISO 9000, DIN ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 27001 system certificates, Unika also owns several Type Approval Certificates for marine and offshore cables from respectable classification societies as well as ABS and DNV Certificates for offshore platform cables and for Airfield Lighting FAA certificate.

In India, their cables have been supplied to Delhi, Kolkata, Amrisar, Lucknow and Kannur Airports and have been successfully working with different ILCMS and ALCMS systems. The cables comes with anti termite and anti rodent options.

tel. +90 212 278 23 53

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Transformers & Connectors

FAA certified L-831 Isolation Transformers confirming to FAA Advisory Circular 150/5345-47 from Integro, USA are used to isolate high operating voltage of 5000 V from CCRs in a series circuit to power the light fittings in airfield. They are encapsulated and operate efficiently while submerged in water. They can operate between -55 C and + 65 C and can be installed inside CI Housing Box, MS Housing Box, direct buried inside the ground or kept above the ground. L 823 primary and secondary connector kits with earthing and non earthing provision are also available.

Integro Series Isolation Transformers are installed at most major airports in the USA, Mexico, Europe, Asia and Africa.

tel. 001 860 832 8960