Airfield Signs Description

The Airfield Signs are signs that are used to provide pilots with mandatory instructions, information on a specific location or destination on a movement area. These signs are installed mostly in the taxiway area. They have to fulfill mechanical and dimensional characteristics and also very precise light output criteria for illuminated signs.

PAXign : System

  • A portable calibrated high precision camera for luminance and chromaticity measurements;
  • A portable computer running a user-friendly software for system operation, data acquisition and report display;
  • Laser distance measuring system;
  • Data exchange and connection assured by USB cable connection.

System Performances

  • High accuracy and precision;
  • Easy to use;
  • Few seconds data acquisition and realtime processing of the data;
  • Can be used either in the field (airside) or in airport workshop;
  • Using a database system to manage and record data used and collected during the measurement session;
  • Hand portable;
  • Automatic mode and procedure;
  • Night operation for airside.