Approach Steady

An approach lighting system should be provided at a heliport where it is desirable and practicable to indicate a preferred approach direction.
The approach lighting system shall be located in a straight line along the preferred direction of approach.
An approach lighting system should consist of a row of three lights spaced uniformly at 30 m intervals and of a crossbar 18m in length at a distance of 90 m from the perimeter of the FATO. The lights forming the crossbar should be as nearly as practicable in a horizontal straight line at right angles to, and bisected by, the line of the centre line lights and spaced at 4.5 m intervals. Where there is the need to make the final approach course more conspicuous, additional lights spaced uniformly at 30m intervals should be added beyond the crossbar. The lights beyond the crossbar may be steady or sequenced flashing, depending upon the environment.