•VDGS(Visual Docking Guidance System), which helps aircraft to dock at the exact position in front of the gate.

•Docking can be accomplished by either the pilot or the copilot.

•Alert is given if the aircraft approaching the gate is not the aircraft type set to be docking.

• Large 8 inch highly visible alphanumeric display for the pilot and the copilot.

• The familiar azimuth bar display format is used featuring large 12 inch high azimuth bars easily visible to the pilot or the copilot.

• The operator interface uses a full graphic display for the clarity of the information presentation.

• Optional multiple operator interface points per gate.

• Optional host computer communication options for reporting and control.

• Optional lockout input in the case that the passenger loading bridge is not parked.

• Optional lockout output to prevent the passenger loading bridge from moving until the aircraft is docked.

• Compliance to ICAO Annex 14 recommendations.



Easy to monitor live time status of all & each gate.
• Integrate live time video of each gate.
• Integrate FOS or FIS Information for future billing system upgradable.
• Clear report system of all the status or events for management.
• Extremely accurate recording of every & each step by 10 mini-second timing.
• Ease for RLG technicians to diagnose the issues.
• Clarify the problem once it happened.
• Be able to report system self-checking.
• Optional interface with PBB, GPU, PCA, CCTV and Flight information system and lead in lights.
• Provide the information to GOS ( Gate Operation System), can be linked online with SITA AMS and provides in billing information and RIDS support.


AVDGS and Gate Operating System

Cutting-edge 3D laser technology based Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System which fully complies with ICAO Annex 14 recommendations. It accommodate all aircraft types without the error factors resulting from variations in aircraft height and gross weight.