Runway Centreline & TDZ

Product Description

Inset Runway centreline or touchdown zone fixture for use in category I, II & III all weather operation airfield lighting systems.


Compliance with standards

FAA L-850, AC 150/5345-46



• Lightweight and robust aluminium alloy construction which also gives good corrosion resistance
• Dichroic coated lenses for coloured light options
• Full range of FAA and PSA adaptors available
• Anti-rotation pin locations
• Left and right toe-in option for TDZ version
• Long life, low energy lamps (1500 hrs/45W or 49W at full brilliancy) - 1 or 2 off per fitting
• Pre-focused optics simplify maintenance procedures
• Light channel within 5mm from Grade
• Two point fixing into mounting adaptor/seating pot for faster installation and removal of light cartridge
• Low profile (12mm) to reduce possibility of damage to aircraft and vehicle tyres
• Twin-lead, bi-directional (switchable) versions available
• Prisms accurately located and secured in the body casting without the need for sealing compound to facilitate removal and replacement
• Optional lamp by-pass devices can be fitted if required
• Compatible with IEC seating pots
• Clear anodised. All fasteners are stainless steel


Electrical supply

Suitable for use in 6.6A airfield lighting circuits, normally supplied from one 100W/150W or two 45W/65W series circuit isolating transformers.


Fixture Position on runway