Runway edge light

Product Description

High intensity, Elevated bi-directional (with omni-directional component), elevated runway edge light for use in all weather operation installations up to ICAO category III systems. Medium intensity, bi/uni-directional elevated threshold/end light.


Compliance with standards

FAA l-861, AC 150/5345-46



• Choice of three mounting stems available:
- M32 threaded frangible spigot
- 25mm I/D socket with side cable entry
- 25mm O/D spigot suitable for an FAA type frangible coupling
• Lamp change possible without tools using the ‘twist lock’ facility
• Outer glass dome moulded in low expansion glass to resist thermal shock
• Smooth outer glass surface resists build up of dirt and provides for easier cleaning
• All sub-assemblies are keyed to simplify routine maintenance and ensure correct alignment
• Robust corrosion resistant aluminium construction for strength and durability
• Gimble mounting for ease of alignment and levelling
• Screws are stainless steel
• Silicon rubber gaskets seal the dome against ingress of liquids
• Powder coat paint finish in golden yellow. All fasteners are stainless steel

Electrical supply

Suitable for use in 6.6A airfield lighting circuits, normally supplied from either a 45W, 100W, 150W or 200W series circuit isolating transformer. Power consumption varies depending upon type of lamp fitted.


Fixture position on runway