Floodlight Helipad Lighting System

  • The Surface Floodlights are designed to satisfy all the ICAO required performances:
  1. they will provide the correct Touchdown and Lift-Off area illumination, as alternative or as integration of the perimeter lights, with a minimum of 10 cd/m2,
  2. the maximum height is 13cm, less than the required 25cm, to increase safety during hovering/ final approach operations,
  3. the two pivoting lamp holders provides the correct illuminations in any installation, aside from helipad shape and light positioning
  4. defenses on the lamp prevent the pilot from dazzling or direct light
  5. The floodlights are normally installed along the perimeter of the Touchdown and Lift-Off area. They can be fixed on a special base by means of screws or bolts, or directly to the ground and must be carefully oriented, in order to achieve the most effective spreading of the light.