PAC Matrix description

The PAC Matrix (Matrix of sensors for Photometric Airfield Calibration) is a portable photometry measurement system that can be used both in workshop and on-site.

In workshop, the PAC Matrix provides quick photometry compliance to ICAO by collecting light samples from the fitting beam – up to 17 samples can be taken in the ICAO main beam in order to compute the average value of the fitting. Measurement is carried out in one second per fitting.

On site, the operator carries this light-weight device and places it in front of the light beam to be measured: either by positioning it on the ground, and sliding up to the required height or for higher fittings – such as approach lights and high wing-bar lights, by simply carrying the PAC Matrix in front of the beam.

Measurement Process

  • Position the PAC Matrix in front of the light beam.
  • Select the type of fitting to be measured on the 10.1’’ tablette (touchscreen)
  • Make sure it is horizontal (check bubble levels) and at the adequate distance (see tablette information)
  • When ready, press on “Start acquisition” and click on the push-button
  • Result is provided instantly with the average value in candela and the status Pass/ Fail.
  • If required, the pdf report of the fitting measurement can be displayed immediately.

PAC Matrix description

The system includes:

  • The frame of seventeen lux sensors with necessary data acquisition, positioning and communication equipment and integrated rechargeable battery pack (LiPo - autonomy 8 hours).
  • A battery charger to charge the integrated battery pack.
  • A 10.1” – 1920x1200 pixels tablet unit for system operation, data control using WIFI connexion and data storage RAM 2GB/ SSD 16 GB) with 12 hours autonomy.

PAC MATRIX for AGL fittings photometry

PAC Matrix Individual light report

The PAC Matrix provides the following

1.Name of the airport

2.Date and time of measurement

3.Type of facility and fitting identification number (if available)

4.The GPS co-ordinates as provided by the 10’’ tablette

5.The ICAO Average value in candela, the ICAO standard percentage of compliancy and the status Pass/ Fail.

6.The display of measured values on the Matrix schematic and in a summary chart.

System performances

  • Portable light-weight system (4.0kg – including rechargeable battery pack).
  • Easy to use and to manipulate.
  • Immediate display of results and immediate creation of pdf reports.
  • Results include GPS co-ordinates of the fittings measured on-site.
  • Using a database system to manage and record data used and collected during the measurement session.
  • Data acquisition of light values in less than 1 second.


All our products are compliant with ICAO, FAA, STAC and ENAC standards and recommendations.