Product Description

The Apollo Hi Intensity Elevated LED Runway Guard Light provides a warning to pilots or drivers of ground vehicles that they are approaching an active runway.

FAA  L-804

AC 150/5345-46



High Intensity Runway Guard Light

Available in either 6.6A series lighting circuit or 220/240V mains powered units

Alternating flashes with a flash rate of 45-50 flashes per minute

Main beam coverage: +/- 8° both vertical and horizontal

Adjustable light beam: 0°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20° vertically


Electrical supply

The Apollo unit is available in the following configurations:

Airfield constant current supply (2.8 – 6.6A) using 100W isolating transformer

220/240V AC supply

Total Load 70W


Fixture position on runway