Product Description

High-intensity, Uni-directional, Elevated Runway Approach,Threshold, Threshold Wingbar & Runway End lights used in SAPL & ICAO category I, II & III runways. Siderow Barrette used in ICAO category II & III runways.


Complience with standards

FAA : AC 150/5345-46 (L-862E)



  1. Aluminium alloy body- light weight, corrosion-resistant & powder coated.
  2. Frangible coupling to ensure flight safety.
  3. Design for easy replacement of LED Module from the frontside without disturbing or opening the internal circuitry.
  4. LED's life is greater than 50,000 hours at 6.6A.
  5. 5-step constant current operation.
  6. Angle setting tool available as an option.
  7. Provision for vertical beam adjustment from 0° to 25°and horizontal beam adjustment at each side from 0° to 20°.
  8. Alignment is not required after replacement of LED Module
  9. Smooth outer glass surface resists build up of dirt and is easy to clean.
  10. Low spares inventory for all types of light fittings. The only difference is LED module for different color.


Electrical supply

Suitable for use in 6.6A airfield lighting circuits.


Fixture position on runway