Low Intensity Inset Omni-Direction Light

Product Description

Inset Taxiway Edge, Apron Edge or low intensity runway light, inset helipad edge light, security or traffic control light.  


Type 1

•  Taxiway, helipad or runway edge light using J1 series lamps. Also 240V mains version available. (B.C. or E.S.) •  Security light for vandal proof illumination of carparks, subways etc. or for under vehicle inspection at access/control points to secure facilities such      as airports, barracks and other high risk sites. •  Traffic light for mini roundabout identification, bollard illumination, traffic lane separation etc.

Type 2

•  The body comprises an aluminium housing with a 203mm (8in) diameter flange, which is sealed at the top by a pressed heat-resisting glass dome      seated in a moulded gasket and secured in position by a clamp ring. The substantial construction of the dome is designed to withstand a load of          1000lbs/sq.in.  

Electrical Supply

The lights are designed for use on a 6.6amp series circuit system. Each light requires an isolating transformer. Also available with GLS lamp for mains operation.  

Fixture position on runway