Product Description

Elevated runway guard lights for use at taxiway/runway intersections to avoid incursion onto an active taxiway/runway, as required by the standards (CAP 168 ICAO 5.3.22).

FAA  L-804

AC 150/5345-46


LED light source for exceptionally long life

LED light source complies with ICAO photometric requirements, flashing at 45 cycles per minute.

The unit can be adjusted from 0° to 20° vertically and locked by means of the mounting support brackets. For non-frangible arrangements, these support brackets can be bolted directly on to a concrete plinth, using M12 studs and nuts

 Electrical supply

Supplied as one of the following:
(a) Airfield Constant Current (2.8 – 6.6A supply) using a 45W isolating transformer
(b) 110V AC mains supply
(c) 220V AC mains supply
Nominal power consumption is approximately 28 watts


Fixture position on runway