Multiway Circuit Selector Switch

•  Intended for use with a CCR to switch power to a number of series lighting circuits as used on airport runways, taxiways etc.
•  Alternate Output - One of two circuits may be operated at one time.
•  Multi Output - Any number of circuits may be operated at one time but must not create a short or open circuit when being switched on or off.


Compliance with Standards

FAA L-847, AC 150/5345-5



•  The Circuit Selector Switch will supply any combination of outputs up to the power rating of the CCR
•  Main power switching contactors are controlled, from either local manually operated switches or by remotely operated relays from the control tower
•  Indicator lamps show which circuit has been selected and remote indication back to the ATC is also available
•  The front panel carries the main power interlock switch, “remote-off-local” selector switches and “circuit on” indicator lamps for each crcuit
•  Designed for wall mounting and supplied complete and ready to use
•  External wall brackets are provided
•  Input circuits can be operated either by an external or internal voltage source
•  Remote/local back indication is provided in the form of a volt free contact directly from the switched on the enclosure doors
•  Remote control 48V DC
•  Rated for 6.6A up to 5kV