PAPI Description

The PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicator) system provides the pilot a positive indication of the aircraft’s position relative to the optimal glide slope during final approach to the runway, even in case of airports equipped with ILS.

PACπ : System

  • A mobile vision sensor mounted on a tripod : PTZ camera + motorized axis.
  • High accuracy and precision in measuring angles : using a gyroscope.
  • Running a software using image processing algorithms.
  • Data exchange and connection assured by WIFI© connection.

System Performances

  • High accuracy and precision.
  • Easy to use and to handle
  • Automatic mode and procedure.
  • Instant dialog to provide the operator with the correction for a precise alignement.
  • Using a database system to manage and record data used and collected during the measurement session.
  • Hand portable.
  • Night and Day operations (see special conditions).
  • Full measurement (angles data, isocandela and azimutal opening) of the entire PAPI bar in less than one hour.