The Innovation in Mobile Light Measurement of Airfield Lighting System

  • Verification of compliance to ICAO or FAA standards of runway, taxiway and approach lights, including inset or elevated
  • Highly reliable and highly precise measuring equipment for maintenance
  • Worldwide references and customer satisfaction

Operation of the PAC² system

The system is installed on the front or at the back of any type of vehicle. Measurements are made in real time as the vehicle travels over the lights at a speed up to 60 km/h.

The luminous intensity detected by the sensors placed at the front and the back of the sensors strip is fed to input/ output modules that are connected to a programmable logical controller installed inside the sensors strip.

The PLC allows for industrial grade data collection. Then the data are sent through a router via Wifi or via an Ethernet cable to a portable computer or a tablette operated by the users inside the vehicle.

Up to 65000 samples can be recorded for each light fitting with no limitation of number of fittings.


Technical data


The system can be installed on any vehicle.

The customer can have this done by FB Technology or can do it himself, in which case he must have his installation checked by a FB Technology engineer. This can be done during the Training & Commissioning session

The distance measuring device is mounted on the side of the vehicle or on the supporting frame.

The sensors strip communicates via WiFi or an Ethernet cable with the laptop/ tablette moni-tored by the operator inside the vehicle.

Operating conditions

Operation by night : yes

Displacement speed: up to 60 km/h

Measurement range: up to 30.000 candelas

Weather condition: dry or wet surface

Guarantee and calibration

The system is supplied with a full 1-year guarantee.

After the guarantee period, a maintenance contract is required to cover yearly calibration and software updates.