Primary Connector Kits: Model CEG-52(Resin Type)

To provide separable waterproof connections between all classes of armoured or un-armoured airfield lighting cable and polychloropene encapsulated transformers.
To make separable waterproof splice in all classes of armoured or un-armoured airfield lighting cable.



Model CEG-52 – 5kV (or less), suitable for copper or brass tape screened and steel wire armour.


Compliance with Standards

FAA L-823, AC 150/5345-26



Each kit contains a plug housing and a receptacle housing, two crimp applied connectors for screen and SWA continuity and a crimp applied electrical pin and socket, manufactured to FAA specification L-823. It can be connected to any cable of core diameter up to 10mm2 or 8AWG, and outside overall diameter up to 21mm. It is filled with a fast curing resin, which gives the guarantee of complete dielectric strength and water tightness. Earth connection of the outer armouring shall be made with a closed sleeve connection to the earth cable (provided).
One kit is required for each splice or transformer installation. Full installation instructions are provided with each complete kit.