Product Description

A RHAG marker (moon board) is primarily used by the military and is used to indicate the location of the aircraft arresting cable on the runway.

Utilising a similiar construction to the IRDM and SNIB’s manufactured by Vardhman, the RHAG markers aluminium extrusion allows them to withstand extreme weather conditions whilst still providing light output that exceeds all international standards and requirements.

  • Illumination is provided by either the latest LED technology with a life expectancy in excess of 75,000 hours or with long life fluorescent tubes
  • The sign cases are an aluminium construction designed to withstand the extremes of climate conditions encountered on airfields and airports worldwide
  • The sign fascia is hinge mounted to the main casing to provide quick and easy access for maintenance and lamp change. If required the whole sign fascia can be lifted free from the casing to provide full, unrestricted access to the main casing
  • Each sign regardless of type is tested for the average light output, according to the procedures stipulated in ICAO annex 14 and CAP 168
  • All signs will exceed the light output requirements for a RVR of ‹800m 3500K light source provides improved colour contrast and legibility
  • IP Protection, IP 54
  • Bottom cable-entry
  • Temperature range -25°C/+55°C
  • Complete with frangible legs and mounting flanges for installation on a concrete pad
  • Double sided: 4mm polycarbonate
  • Coated in RAL 1007 aviation yellow