Series Circuit Cut-Out Switch

Enables the airfield ground lighting field series circuit to be safely disconnected, isolated and earthed by the simple rotation of the connector lid without exposing user to high voltages.


• In the ‘Normal Running’ mode allows the CCR to be connected to the series circuit
• In the ‘Field Earthed’ position, an open circuit is applied to the CCR, while the Field circuit is earthed
• The ‘CCR Test’ position applies a short ciruit to the CCR and earths the field circuit thus enabling commissioning of control system and CCR’s without applying power to the airfield clamps
• Series cable clamps facilitate screened cable to be earthed easily if required
• Facility allows for CCR control loop micro switches to be fitted
• A safety lock facility is available when in the ‘Field Earthed’ position
• Allows easy and safe access for testing of field circuits
• Designed to be retrofitted into cable termination panel
• Unit can be installed inside constant current regulators
• Designed to allow current monitoring facility to be mounted on rear of unit
• In-built functionality for use in CCR changes over cubicles