When a VOR aerodrome checkpoint is established, it shall be indicated by a VOR aerodrome checkpoint marking and sign.



A VOR aerodrome checkpoint sign shall be located as near as possible to the checkpoint and so that the inscriptions are visible from the cockpit of an aircraft properly positioned on the VOR aerodrome checkpoint marking.



  • A VOR aerodrome checkpoint sign shall consist of an inscription in black on a yellow background.
  • Recommendation.— The inscriptions on a VOR checkpoint sign should be in accordance with one of the alternatives shown in
    – VOR is an abbreviation identifying this as a VOR checkpoint;
    – 115.4 is an example of the radio frequency of the VOR concerned;
    – 270° is an example of the VOR bearing, to the nearest degree, which should be indicated at the VOR checkpoint;
    – 0.2 NM is an example of the distance in nautical miles to a DME collocated with the VOR concerned.