Product Description

Floodlit Windsock Mast

All masts are fabricated from mild steel, then galvanised to BS 1729.

  • Base Post 90mm x 6.3mm SHS
  • Mast 90mm x 3.6mm / 80mm x 3.6mm / 70mm x 3.6mm SHS box section & 60mm RHS tube.
  •  The mast can be safely lowered and raised by one man using the auto-braked winch.
  •  The light arms can be rotated to service any of the lamps from the ground.
  •  A mast lock secures the mast in the upright position when raised.
  •  Frangibility in the event of a collision is achieved by a slot system near the mast base.
  •  The mast is powder coated over the galvanising in 7 x red & white bands as per ICAO Annex 14.
  • Lighting System:

  •  Four wide beam LED floodlights give the correct
  • illumination throughout 360 degree wind direction. Total power consumption (including standard 8W LED Obstruction Light) when
  • illuminated is less than 130W.
  •  Illumination is fully compliant with CAP 168 Appendix 7D – 9 ‘Test Procedure for Illuminated Wind Sleeve’, including 9.6 ‘Glare & Overall Performance’.
  •  The lamps are 50,000 hour life and weatherproof to IP65.
  •  They are mounted on arms above the windsock to spread the light evenly onto it irrespective of wind speed and direction, and point straight down to avoid pilot glare.
  •  As standard, a Single 100k hour LED Obstruction Light is mounted on top of the mast.

    Electrical Control System:

  • A double switch is provided on the Base Post to allow control of the Obstruction Light and Floodlighting independently. The floodlighting is also controlled by a photocell mounted beside the switches.
  • The Obstruction Light has an integral photocell, which can be disabled. We despatch these set for manual use as most users want this on 24/7, but this setting is easily altered.
  • For ease of assembly, a junction box at the top of the mast distributes power to the floodlights and Obstruction Light. Two supply cable pass inside the mast to supply power to the junction box; one for Illumination, one for the Obstruction Light.
  • Fasteners are supplied to secure the supply cable to the Base Post. The ground supply cable is not supplied as this varies from one location to another.

    Windsock & Swivel Frame:

  • The standard windsock is 3.6m / 12ft long x 0.91m / 36” mouth diameter, in dayglow orange polyester for long life. A Red & White (or other combination) 5 banded windsock can be provided if required.
  • The tail of the windsock has a unique design to prevent flutter, thus prolonging its life.
  • No chains, wire or metal hoops are used in the windsocks to maximise responsiveness and minimise chafe.
  • The Swivel Frame is specially designed in 316 stainless with zero maintenance bearings.